About Us

My name is Jeremy Biron and Modeska’s story began in April 2013 when I decided to redesign my office. As I looked around my workspace, I realized that I had a well-designed computer, a sleek laptop stand, the latest ergonomic chair, and even great artwork on the walls. All of these new things fit together perfectly with one major exception – the desk accessories.

As the owner of Honest Office, I assumed that there must be better options available on the market. I grabbed my office supply catalog, and began to search. I even visited a local office supply store. After finding only standard, boring organizers that were mostly made of plastic, I jumped onto the computer and began searching online. I wanted something simple and clean – something that would complement my computer, a Macbook Pro.

I was certain that there had to be at least one set of office accessories that fit my criteria, but after searching through catalogs and online, I came up empty-handed. I couldn’t believe that there were so many fancy, well-designed tech products on the market and I couldn’t get a good desk set to match. I quickly realized that if I was looking for something like this, then there must be others looking for the same thing.

This led me to begin sketching up ideas for a new desk set. I designed the Modeska office set to be stylish, durable, and to complement the latest tech products that are in your office and home. The line of products includes six deskmates: a business card holder, the mini bin for knick-knacks and small items, the pen cup, a sticky-note dispenser, a mail tray, and a paper tray.

Unlike most office supplies on the market, our products are 100% made in the USA – design, manufacturing, and finishing. Each piece is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is extremely durable. These are quality products that we’re proud of, and will stand the test of time. Go ahead – pass them down to your grandchildren.