The Making of a Modeska Set

Each Modeska piece started from a series of hand-drawn sketches. We found inspiration in the latest technology products on the market today and were also heavily influenced by Scandinavian furniture design. We focused on simple lines and a clean, modern look that is now the core of Modeska’s brand.

After getting feedback on our concepts from a number of designers and fellow entrepreneurs (people who we knew would be interested in our product), our designs went through several revisions and were fine tuned so they could be converted into CAD drawings. We received additional feedback on our CAD drawings when we met with several potential manufacturers and discussed how each piece would be manufactured.

After meeting with a number of manufacturers on the East Coast, we selected a Connecticut-based company based on its experience, professionalism, and reliability. The company is equipped to handle large production runs and has provided assembly, product development, and engineering services for over 50 years. Their proximity to our office was also important, because it allows us to oversee the production of the Modeska product line. Partnering with a local vendor and supporting jobs in our home state was a huge added bonus!

With a manufacturer selected, we went through a few rounds of fine tuning by producing prototypes of each piece. It was important that every angle and detail was right. After a few months, we knew that we had a prototype that was ready to be manufactured for the public.

Every Modeska piece begins as a solid sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum. Our CAD drawings are loaded into a laser cutting machine and the part is cut from the sheet. The edges of the piece are then grinded and smoothed by hand. After grinding, they get inspected and then move onto the forming process. The flat piece of aluminum is shaped in a press to give it a three-dimensional shape. One final round of inspection and polishing, and the part is sent to finishing.

A powder coating process is used to give each piece its beautiful finish. Powder coating is essentially a “powder paint” that is electrostatically applied and cured under high heat. This gives each piece a finish that is both beautiful and extremely durable. The finishing touch is a laser etched piece of cork. This cork is adhered to the bottom of each Modeska piece to protect the surface of your desk.

Thank you to Eric Gerard Photography for their help with the manufacturing and product photography for Modeska.